Batteries for Two Way Radios

Batteries for longer life and spares ensuring you’re not without power



In many cases, the radio itself is only part of the solution, requiring specific accessories to allow it to operate the way you need it to. In recognition of this fact, we sell a wide range of two-way radio accessories to fulfil your business specific requirements. These include batteries, mains and in-vehicle battery chargers, remote speaker microphones, palm microphones, headsets, ear-pieces and acoustic tubes.

We will also advise you on the most suitable accessories for your solution. Ear-pieces, for instance, come in a variety of shapes – D, G or acoustic tubes – to suit different needs such as comfort, discreetness, performance and hygiene. Similarly, microphones also need to be suited to the situation they are going to the used in.

Noise induced hearing loss

While many factors influencing the accessories required for your radio are based purely on functionality, there are some cases in which the correct accessories can be critical to health & safety in the workplace.

One of the leading factors for this is noise induced hearing loss, which is gaining more momentum with regard to employees seeking compensation through suffering this from a working environment.

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