Glendinning is the largest independent supplier of quarry and concrete in Devon and Cornwall. Established in 1958, by two brothers, the business now employs more than 230 people with the founders’ families actively involved in its day to day running.

The Challenge

Upgrading an outdated legacy analogue system that was no longer fit for purpose after an extensive upgrade to the quarry site. The quarry produces breeze blocks so the working environment is challenging and noisy. Due to vehicle and machinery hazards the plant machinery drivers need to be heard clearly, every time they speak. Digital noise cancelling ensures that only voice is transmitted by the radios.

The Solution A robust and solid digital radio solution that can survive the harshest of quarry environments and allow plant workers to be heard above the noise. We supply:

  • Antenna infrastructure to enhance the on-site signal propagation. Our engineers have years of experience in designing the infrastructure required to provide site-wide signal propagation in the most challenging conditions.

  • Digital radios including handheld portables and fixed base radios which allowed the site to communicate in both analogue and digital mode, allowing for a smooth migration between technologies.

  • Portables that are built to last. They are dust-tight, water resistant and survive knocks and drops.

  • Selective private calling to individuals.

The Result

A robust and safer solution for all the quarry workers. PCE were able to upgrade some parts of the legacy system for a more cost-effective solution. The new digital radio technology allows for enhanced sound quality and ambient noise cancellation; a perfect choice for a noisy construction environment.

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