Digital Radios


When are discussing which radio communications solution to invest in, the conversation will usually end up on the merits of analogue radios versus digital. Alternatively businesses that already use analogue two-way radio, they will want to know why digital will be an improvement.

Digital v Analogue

Digital radio offers many more benefits than analogue, primarily audio clarity. Digital radio beats analogue hands down in this respect with both enhanced audio and external noise cancellation – reducing windy weather effects and workplace background noise.

As well as conversations being clearer, they are more private. Where licensed analogue radios help minimise potential interference or unwanted listening,  digital radios protect the conversation through digital encryption.

Digital radios provide greater coverage by providing clearer reception where traditional analogue radios would start to become noisy or break up. Digital radio handsets also have longer battery lives which mean they can continue working while analogue radios have died or are being re-charged.

Digital radios offer double the channel capacity per frequency, thereby enabling simultaneous conversations. There are a whole host of features that can be added to a digital radio. Text messaging, indoor and GPS tracking, man-down, remote monitoring, transmit interrupt etc, can all be included in a modern radio solution.

Two-way digital radio experts

We are experts in delivering digital two-way radio solutions that offer all these benefits using a range of products from different manufacturers to suit your needs and your budget.

We install and maintain two-way digital radio solutions for a blend of public and private sector customers in the UK and have dramatically improved their on-site and wide area communications in the process.

Watch our case study with the Visitor Experience Manager at Killerton House to see how we upgraded their out-of-date radio system to improve communications across their National Trust estate.

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