Mawgan-in-Pydar Community Primary School

Mawgan-in-Pydar Primary School lies within a small, attractive village a couple of miles from the North Cornwall coast and caters for children of ages 5 to 11. PCE has supplied unlicensed radios to Mawgan-in-Pydar since January 2017 to provide communications to coordinate fire drills.

The Challenge

With a staff of just 20, and a small site (less than 50m from end to end), radio communication is not an obvious requirement for Mawgan-in-Pydar. Safety and duty of care, however, provoked the management to investigate options for ensuring that in the case of a fire, staff could communicate effectively and clearly to coordinate evacuations.

The Solution

With budget being a consideration and requiring only a fairly short range solution. We supply:

  • Motorola TLKR T80 unlicensed twin pack

The Result

A cost effective and reliable system.

The staff can now be confident that fire drills are carried out swiftly and efficiently, with staff contact possible anywhere within the school grounds, as well as reaching across the river to the nearby playing fields.

Mrs Sally Vannoey, Head of School, said:

“Without spending a huge amount of money, we now have the peace of mind that even in a real fire scenario, our staff can communicate to evacuate children and keep track of how many children are with which evacuation team. We are delighted with the coverage of the new radios and have been really pleased with the service and continued support provided by PCE.”

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