University of Exeter

The University of Exeter, in Devon’s capital, combines world-class research, exceptional facilities and high student satisfaction. It is attended by over 22,000 students from more than 130 countries.

The Challenge

Initially the university worked with PCE to assist in bringing radio coverage across Exeter during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Following this, PCE worked with the university on supporting their current platform but also on a deliverable plan to expand the system outside of their traditional voice communications.

The multiple teams with varying needs, and vast and complex sites (including a structure built into a cliff face) over two campuses meant a sophisticated and expandable solution was needed.

The Solution

A full consultation and review of their current platform providing encryption and programming enhancements. Expansion of their current infrastructure with new technology outside of traditional voice communications. We supply:

  • Digital radio system including a large number of hand portables, utilising features including:

  • Man down notifier enabling staff to raise the alarm in an accident or emergency.

  • Indoor beacons for GPS location mapping.

  • A number of ATEX rated models that are intrinsically safe for potentially hazardous working environments.

  • Fixed mobile radios for staff using radio but operating in a static office role.

  • Indoor and outdoor repeaters giving far reaching radio communications above and below ground level.

  • Bespoke GPS indoor beacons increasing safety on site with multiple buildings and terrain to support lone workers and security teams.

  • Remote server access.

The Result

A bright and connected future for the University of Exeter. The integration of different technologies has resulted in a more unified system that can be expanded on in the future.

Direct Works Manager at the University of Exeter said:

“PCE have been instrumental in enhancing and expanding the digital radio system across the whole university campus. The process of consultation, through to implementation and ongoing support has proved to be extremely reliable.”

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