Lone Worker

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PCE firmly believes that the safety and well-being of lone workers such as remote and mobile staff should be of highest importance within any business. Employers have an obligation and a legal responsibility to keep their lone working employees safe under the following policies:

A lone worker solution from PCE offers the ability to know the location of employees during working hours through either modern radio solutions or the GPS functionality available in many of today’s smartphones.

Raise an alert and summon help

Employees will use the lone worker device to log their location, including any task specific information such as duration, etc. In the event their safety is compromised during their task it is easy to raise an alert and summon help.

Our easy-to-use and affordable range of lone worker solutions are BS8484 compliant and offer some or all of the following features:

  • Real-time location data and task duration administration

  • Emergency call functionality

  • Emergency signalling using a pre-defined button

  • Man-down alerts triggered by time lapse or breach of pre-set angle of handset

  • Live audio recording and nominated respondent contact

  • Optional monitoring by a 24/7/365 BS standards CAT II (BS5979) alarm receiving centre (ARC)

Why Us

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