CEO invited to join British radio council

Premier Communication Electronics’ Chief Executive Officer Karen Langley has joined the British Radio Council.

The Business Radio Group was set up by the industry’s trade association, the Federation of Communication Services, in 2004 to represent radio spectrum licensees, manufacturers, suppliers and others delivering radio services to the UK business market.

The Group is led by the British Radio Council comprising of some its representatives.

It meets quarterly and sub groups have also been set up to support sub sector projects, such as critical national infrastructure, engineer training and codes of practice.

Mrs Langley, who has been a Director at Exeter-based PCE for nearly 20 years and has been at its helm as CEO since 2008, is currently the only woman on the British Radio Council.

She said: “It is an honour to be invited to join the British Radio Council and to help promote and develop the industry and its services by ensuring access to radio spectrum, adoption of digital technologies and maintaining high standards of conduct.”