How to keep your two-way radios clean – and reduce the risk of spreading infection

We are all currently hyperaware about the critical importance of keeping our hands, homes and workspaces clean and germ free. But how do we make sure that our two-way radios and accessories aren’t harbouring dangerous germs or viruses?

With two-way radios not normally being personal issue, the risk of cross contamination is high. Not only do radios get passed from colleague to colleague, but are veritable reservoirs of pathogens as they held close to faces, ears and mouths, and touched with hands of different users with different health conditions, infections and viruses.

Guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your radios

Leading critical communications manufacturer, Motorola Solutions, has put together these guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your communication equipment to reduce the risk of spreading infection:

General cleaning:

  1. Apply 0.5% detergent-water solution with a cloth, then use a stiff, non-metallic, short-bristled brush to work all loose dirt away from the device. Use a soft, absorbent, lintless cloth or tissue to remove the solution and dry the device.

  2. Make sure that no solution remains entrapped near any connectors, cracks or crevices.


  1. Devices may be disinfected by wiping them down with over-the-counter isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) with at least 70% alcohol concentration.

  2. When cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, the alcohol should never be applied directly to the device. It should be applied to a cloth, which is then used to wipe down the device.

Do not use bleach, solvents or cleaning sprays to cleanse or disinfect your device. The effects of certain chemicals and their vapours can have detrimental effects on plastics and the metal platings.

It’s important to remember that the above cleaners, disinfectants and processes, although approved by Motorola Solutions, may not be effective in removing specific foreign substances (including viruses). Please consult the chemical manufacturers’ documentation for specifics on cleaning product efficacy.

More important now than ever

Keeping your two-way radio devices clean and hygienic is not only good practice for extending the life-span of your products, but for generally reducing workplace sickness. However, during this unprecedented pandemic, keeping your radios and accessories germ and virus-free could reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, and keep those around you safe and healthy.

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