National Marine Aquarium to benefit from new digital radio solution from PCE

Premier Communication Electronics (PCE) is on the brink of installing a new two-way digital radio solution for the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

The Exeter-based radio experts has designed a radio communications solution that will enable all of the Aquarium’s staff to stay in touch at all times despite the challenging space they work in.

The award-winning aquarium has a complex internal structure to accommodate its 55 tanks with much of it underground in damp conditions. The staff had previously used an analogue radio system consisting of a Tait repeater and Rexon and Entel handsets, but the sound quality was poor and the coverage was incomplete with a number of black spots where communication was impossible.

PCE’s sales executive Natalia Ferrazzano said: “The Aquarium was keen to upgrade their radio system to a digital version and we set about designing a solution that would meet their needs for complete coverage and better sound quality. Our bespoke antenna system has solved the problem of the black spots and the waterproof 40 digital handsets and ear-pieces eliminate the noise interference from the tanks.”

The National Marine Aquarium – which welcomes over 280,000 visitors a year – has invested in a Hytera solution that also gives staff members texting capabilities and the ability to make private calls between users or groups of users.

Miss Ferrazzano added: “Every handset is also equipped with an emergency button too so help can be immediately called for should an incident occur involving a member of staff and or one of the thousands of visitors who flock to this attraction every year.

“This solution perfectly illustrates how efficient a two-way radio system can be for businesses that want to communicate to multiple members of staff but operate in large, noisy and challenging premises where mobile phones are simply not suitable.”

Dr David Gibson, managing director at the National Marine Aquarium, commented: “As a busy leisure attraction, it’s important that our staff at the Aquarium have access to communication systems that help them keep in touch with each other, wherever they are in the building.

“We know that the Aquarium is a challenge, given the number of tanks which can cause interference for radios, but we are confident that PCE’s new solution will be a welcome addition for our teams on the ground – we are looking forward to getting the new system up and running.”

The new radio system is due to be pre-programmed and installed by PCE’s engineers this month.

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