Our assurance on supply of services and support during COVID-19

During these worrying and uncertain times, we wanted to assure our customers we have resilience procedures in place to protect our staff and those we work with, so your business can continue to receive our services for supply, installation and support of emergency warning and radio communication equipment.

We are here, should you need us

During our third national lockdown, as you would expect, we are maintaining all the necessary practices and measures to protect the safety of colleagues, customers and suppliers. All the staff that are able, are continuing to work from home. Those that need access to our workshop or work in the field follow rigorous hygiene and sanitising procedures, and continue to maintain social distancing protocols at all times.

Our engineers work remotely from different locations. They hold test equipment and configuration tools to work independently of each other to maintain resilience. In some cases, they can initially access systems remotely to provide off-site diagnosis.

In our significantly changing world, although we are adapting our business procedures, we will continue provide our same high-quality services with care, honesty and professionalism.

Wishing all our customers the very best during these challenging times.

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