PCE earns new radio communications engineering accreditation

Premier Communication Electronics (PCE) has been recognised by a new accreditation scheme that promotes professionalism in the installation of on-site radio communications systems.

The new FCS1331 Site Accreditation Scheme from the Federation of Communication Services (FCS) aims “to provide customers with a selection of technically competent, high quality professional providers that install a radio communications system in a proper manner”.

PCE, in Osprey Road in Sowton, Exeter, is one of just six providers to be awarded the accreditation in England and is the only accredited provider in the south west.

FCS Chief Executive Chris Pateman said: “Customers who engage the services of participants in this scheme are therefore provided with a level of assurance of overall success which has never before been available in the UK. PCE is an excellent ambassador for this new accreditation scheme.”

The FCS1331’s code of practice demands providers perform their work safely, check the radio system works properly  and does not affect existing solutions, and that any deployment is tailored to the needs of the site.

The guidelines also address the customer’s need for suitable long-term maintenance and the need to adhere to relevant regulation and UK law, including the purchase of correct licences.

PCE Director Andy Trout said: “We have installed and maintained numerous on-site radio solutions for a range of customers in the education and health sectors, tourism and transportation industries, and emergency services. We already have the experience and expertise, and are therefore delighted to have been recognised by this new scheme in addition to the FCS accreditation we already hold for the installation of communications equipment into vehicles.”

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