PCE provides secure radio solution to Plymouth Albion

Radio communication experts Premier Communication Electronics (PCE) has come to the aid of coaching staff at Plymouth Albion.

Albion’s Head Coach James Shanahan was keen to use a secure radio solution on match days to prevent others, including opposition teams, listening in to his instructions and conversations with other members of the coaching team.

PCE’s Chief Executive Karen Langley, whose son Rob has a dual contract with Plymouth Albion and Exeter Chiefs, said: “We had dealt with situation before with other rugby and football. Analogue radios have their place but not in situations where the users want to keep their conversations private.”

When Exeter Chiefs were promoted to the Premiership, PCE provided the club with a digital radio solution. A similar solution has been delivered to Plymouth Albion.

Mrs Langley added: “A digital solution not only provides enhanced voice quality but is totally secure from scanners so James can be confident that his messages will reach his coaching staff straightaway without being overheard by third parties.”

Sales and Marketing Director Louise Uncles said “We are immensely happy that PCE have come on board this season. The private communication between coaching staff is absolutely paramount and having a secure system in place further enhances the professionalism of Plymouth Albion. We would like to thank PCE for their association this season.”

PCE also provides the radios to the referees, medics, catering staff, car park and safety stewards at other rugby clubs including Exeter Chiefs’ Sandy Park where they use different frequencies to ensure the coaches, referees and match day staff do not interrupt or overhear each others’ conversations.