Spring clean your business radio communications

Having a good sort out and turning out items you no longer use or are no longer fit for purpose should not be a domestic annual ritual. It is healthy to apply the same sentiment to your business communications equipment.


Consider your estate of two-way radio equipment:

  1. Do all the handsets still work?

  2. Are you getting the coverage your site needs?

  3. Is the voice clarity clear enough?

  4. Are your conversations being overheard?

  5. Are their features you wish you could use? i.e. man-down, text messaging

There is no point hanging onto two-way radio equipment that does not work anymore. Either get it fixed or replace it.

We can advise you on whether your equipment is worth fixing but are willing also to advise you – for free – on alternatives that may better suit your business needs…which may have changed since you bought your original two-way radio estate.

Now consider your business:

  1. Has it grown – in terms of size of site and/or number of employees?

  2. Have you relocated recently?

  3. Are your employees required to spend extended time away from their desks… if indeed they have a desk at all?

  4. Do you need to meet more stringent duty of care regulations?

  5. Are you under pressure to be more efficient and productive?

  6. Do you employees come into contact with potentially hazardous substances?

If your business has altered, you may need to tweak your radio solution. A carefully considered two-way radio solution is designed to help you remain in contact with your staff throughout the day, maintain their safety , and that of the general public and will ensure conversations and decisions can be swiftly and efficiently made.

Hanging onto an incumbent solution that barely meets your needs does not make good business sense. And the extra functionality available on more modern solutions could thoroughly enhance your business using improved audio, longer battery life, better range, enhanced privacy, increased capacity, man-down and much-more.

If your business uses two-way radio and you feel a spring clean is well overdue, please feel free to call or email me for free review.

Alan Macdonald-Brown Technical Sales

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