Crealy Theme Park & Resort

This popular tourist destination on the outskirts of Exeter encompasses 18 theme park rides, three indoor play areas and numerous outdoor activities, plus an adjoining campsite over a 100-acre site. Providing a safe service for its visitors is its number one priority.

The Challenge

Radio communication is essential for a tourist attraction like Crealy. The park relies on radio technology to ensure its day to day operations run as smoothly as possible and emergencies such as lost children or maintenance problems are dealt with swiftly. Crealy turned to PCE for advice for a new radio solution as their current system was under-performing.

The Solution

Cost-effective handheld two-way radios to enable the variety of staff members to stay in constant stable radio contact. We supply:

  • Vertex Standard small, robust and reliable portable handheld two-way radios. They suit a variety of staff members from ride supervisors to office staff.

  • Extended battery life perfect for ground staff to stay in touch on the huge site.

  • Emergency notification capabilities enabling staff to raise the alarm and override conversations in progress should an emergency situation take place.

  • Improved coverage and voice clarity after upgrading the radio system to include a repeater by PCE engineers.

The Result A fit-for-purpose and cost-effective system that recycled much of its existing radio infrastructure.

Elliot Dawson, Rides & Attractions Manager of Crealy Adventure Park & Resort, said:

“PCE have given us years of invaluable support in maintaining and improving our radio coverage and I look forward to carrying on our partnership into future years of growth.”

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