Vehicle Tracking

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Our range of GPS-based tracking systems provide real-time monitoring of vehicles, plant equipment and goods while they are in transit. Speed checks of vehicles, their accurate location, rest breaks and other stops by drivers can be tracked as they happen.

Vehicle and asset tracking will enable you to maintain timed schedules, effectively deploy your assets, bill your customers accurately and manage your costs more effectively.

Driver behaviour has a very real impact on your fleet fuel costs – up to a 20% reduction – which is why we urge businesses with multiple drivers to consider tracking solutions. The cost savings do not end there though. With driver behaviour kept in check, wear and tear costs are reduced, as are insurance premiums.

Our tracking solutions will also provide:

  • Improved revenue through higher productivity and efficient vehicle usage

  • Improved customer service

  • Improved vehicle security

  • Compliance with driving and health & safety legislation

  • Compliance with duty of care obligations

  • Reduced carbon footprint

Modern tracking solutions come with real-time reminders care of an in-vehicle, dashboard-mounted lightbar which emits an audible alarm and turns from green to amber and then red if driving parameters are breached.

These parameters can include harsh braking, cornering, acceleration, etc. Such real-time alerts should encourage the driver to alter their erratic behaviour immediately…hopefully before they reach the red zone

Another benefit of using a real-time tool is that fleet managers will no longer have to examine reports and deal with their employees about historical driver behaviour thereby creating a time-saving advantage too.

Meanwhile, we can integrate video devices to film the inside of a vehicle and the front, rear and side-facing views from a vehicle to accurately record the run-up and moment of a road traffic collision, as well as events immediately after the accident.

Used together, tracking and video data provide compelling court-approved evidence in the event that you need to defend your employee in a dispute over where blame for an accident lies, especially when you feel they may have been a victim of a staged accident or ‘crash for cash’ scenario.

Fraudulent personal injury claims can be very costly and are frustratingly difficult to disprove when there are conflicting statements of events and a lack of credible witnesses.

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